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Yes you, animator, are you up for the task?

What is the task?

Helping me make a fully fledged cartoon series!

Hi guys, Jacob here. I'm here to see if anyone here would be up to working on a new series with me. It is called Manimals. The pilot can be seen here.

The series follows Frank (the horse) as he tries to get a promotion. Hilarious SHENANIGANS ensue over the course of a fair few episodes (depending on the sheer determination and WILL of the animators.) I am asking a lot from you guys here I know but it's going to be fun. I can taste it!

As you can tell from the pilot; I can't animate. That pilot along is just one scene. It took me 8 MONTHS to do. Not cool. That's where you come in.

What i'm looking for is a team: someone to take charge and a loyal team to follow them. Also someone who is good with sound and a person who knows how to output the animation in the best possible quality for here and other websites.

Also : there is no money involved. I'm just a guy with a awesome cartoon series that needs to be made. But you never know what the future holds.

So anyone up for the challenge? See it as some fun or a chance to practice techniques. Or just something to do because your bored! There's nothing to lose.

Message me on here guys or at manimalscartoon@gmail.com

More info here or on the facebook page.

p.s. Sorry for any Avengers that read the title wrong. You should probably get that looked at....

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